Meraki International

Our Consulting Services

Meraki International offers consulting services to enhance executive leadership and business development, equipping individuals and teams with essential growth tools and strategies, to elevate their businesses and careers.

Driven by a passion for your success, our consulting services aim to empower with proven executive leadership insights. We’re committed to guiding you through every step towards dynamic industry evolution, enhancing business value and profits.

Executive Business Coaching

How do I become a better leader? Such a common question, but there’s no easy or standard answer.

Executive business coaching shouldn’t standardized because no two individuals are exactly alike! With all the changes happening, increased globalization, and a shift to remote work, Meraki’s team of coaches with international experience will help clients succeed in their careers.

Some of the customizable coaching plans we offer to individuals and organizations are those tailored for:

  • Coaching for Performance
  • Coaching for Building the Right Leadership Team
  • Coaching for Career Transition
  • Coaching for Personal Growth and/or Leadership Development
  • Coaching for Virtual Leaders and Workers
  • Coaching for Team Development and Performance

Project Management

Effective project management can be one of the biggest qualifiers for personal and corporate success.

It sounds vague, but effective project management is one of the biggest factors in personal and corporate success. Our consultants help clients oversee project planning and implementation in a way that delivers optimal business results. Increase revenues, reduce costs, and more with a Meraki Consultant.

Formalized project management can be utilized to support the below goals:

  • Create strategic alignment
  • Decrease costs
  • Manage processes
  • Develop realistic project planning
  • Establish clear focus and objectives
  • Expedite business results such as increased revenue or reduced costs

Culture Change & Transformation

What is culture change and why is it important?

It’s hard to believe how much the world has changed in such a short amount of time. With these changes, you need good culture transformation services to turn challenges into opportunities and shift corporate culture accordingly.

When do you know your company needs culture change or culture transformation? Culture changes within an organization’s target market, industry, or even the world it operates in call for culture transformation to stay successful. Our culture transformation services help clients turn challenges into opportunities and shift corporate culture accordingly. We work with you to achieve the corporate culture needed to deliver consistent financial and brand success.

  • Pandemic Impacts
  • Political Pressure
  • Industry Changes
  • Economic Conditions
  • Market Changes
  • Changes in Supply Chain
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Performance Management
  • Globalization
  • Changes in Leadership and/or Ownership

Change Management

What is change management? The process of identifying needed changes, organizing an strategy, and putting that strategy into motion.

Our focus is to ensure changes are sustainable and successful in the short and long term. Meraki International sees clients as partners in a common mission to both identify and manage change. The key to success in change management is identifying the impact on people, processes, and organizations and then facilitating development designed to yield optimal results.

Situations requiring change management typically include:

  • Culture Changes
  • Leadership Changes
  • Organizational Changes
  • Ownership Changes
  • Process Changes
  • Project Implementation
  • Profit Improvement
  • Technology Changes