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In an ever-evolving landscape, companies face the imperative of adapting through culture transformation. This process involves redefining corporate culture to harness the dynamic changes in industries, customer expectations, and global trends. 

By embracing culture transformation, organizations can convert challenges into strategic opportunities, ensuring sustained financial performance and enhancing brand reputation. This strategic shift is crucial for maintaining relevance and achieving long-term success in a competitive market.

At Meraki International, we have a highly experienced team that will work with you to identify opportunities facing your company or industry and set you up for success, working with you every step of the way to achieve the culture you need to increase your business value in a constantly shifting world.

What are the reasons for culture transformation?

How We Change Culture

Step 1: Assess

What is the current situation?

Step 2: What are the desired values and behaviours?

How do you want your company to behave and represent themselves?

Step 3: Identify Goals – annual goals or quarterly targets

What are the current corporate goals?

Step 4: Make the Desired Change Visible

Explain why the change is being made, outline what success looks like to your organization, state what you need from them.

Step 5: Ensure the Culture Change supports your Brand

Ensure the change supports your Brand and doesn’t have any unintended consequences.

Step 6: Measure It

How will you measure the success of the implementation, what are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Step 7: Make sure to include the appropriate amount of time for it to succeed

How long do you expect this change to take?

Step 8: Sustainability Plan

How will you ensure this plan continues post the implementation phase, how does it become a part of your DNA…and just a norm in your company culture.

How Does Meraki International Change Culture?

Here at Meraki International, we start with assessing your current business culture and compare it to your desired values and/or behaviors. Once your corporate goals are set, we help you create a customized plan, together we can implement the desired changes. We work with you to measure the success of change implementation and create a sustainability plan for your business’ future.