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As industries, customers, and the world change, companies must transform, turn challenges into opportunities, and shift corporate culture to deliver consistent financial and brand success.

At Meraki International, we have a highly experienced team that will work with you to identify opportunities facing your company or industry and set you up for success, working with you every step of the way to achieve the culture you need to increase your business value in a constantly shifting world.

To stay relevant a business must be able to adapt to culture changes whether they are a product of the technology, political, market, or competitive environment. The key to a successful culture change goes beyond a mandate issued from the top. True change is affected when individuals understand why the culture change is necessary for success.

How Can We Help You?

How Does Meraki International Change Culture?

Here at Meraki International, we start with assessing your current business culture and compare it to your desired values and/or behaviors. Once your corporate goals are set, we help you create a customized plan, together we can implement the desired changes. We work with you to measure the success of change implementation and create a sustainability plan for your business’ future.

What Are The Reasons For Culture Change?

  • Performance Management
  • Pandemic Impacts
  • Political Pressure
  • Change of Leadership
  • Toxic Employees
  • Market Changes (growth, competitors)
  • Customer Feedback/Complaints
  • Corporate Focus/Goals
  • Globalisation
  • Legal Changes
  • Spin-off From Parent Company
  • Changing Customer Requirements
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Industry Changes
  • Economic Conditions
  • Change of Ownership
  • Change in Supply Chain Management