Meraki International

Who is Meraki?

Meraki International is a boutique consulting firm committed to helping companies facing changing business environments with increased globalization and technology. Our company focuses on building change resilience in leaders with the intent to improve profits and increase Business Value.

Who We Are

We invest our heart and soul into helping clients identify, design, and implement solutions from beginning to end. We hold so steadfast to this mission that it is rooted in the name of our company. Meraki is a Greek word and adverb that means putting your soul, creativity, and passion into your work, or leaving a part of yourself in your work. Associates from Meraki International will be with you through every phase of the change journey, with intentional focus on implementation and results.


We are a minority and woman-owned boutique consultancy firm with more than 50 years of combined experience in leadership, executive coaching, change initiatives, and change management.

We take our mission of equipping companies with the best tools possible to ensure that business transformations yield growth and success seriously, and it all begins with the leadership of Meraki International.

Christy Dillard - Meraki International

Christy Dillard

Co-Founder Christy Dillard brings valuable leadership experience to the team as a Certified ICF Executive Coach, PMI Project Manager and Change Manager with an MBA in Finance. She has more than thirty years in senior leadership experience, executive coaching, and leading change initiatives. She is also passionate about working with talented millennial’s and female leaders.

Louis Huston - Meraki International

Louis Huston

Co-Founder Louis Huston brings an extensive background in business to the table as a Certified ICF Executive Coach with an Executive MBA. He has more than twenty years of experience in global leadership, executive coaching (with an emphasis on entrepreneurship/mentoring entrepreneurs) and the implementation of change management programs.

Our Team & Associates

Meraki partners with industry leaders who are uniquely qualified to help companies and individuals succeed. 

Meraki Associates and Consultants help businesses work smarter by identifying inefficiencies and developing strategies that work. 

We identify challenges and develop and implement the strategic change needed with our clients to ensure success. All of our associates and consultants put their heart and soul into their work and your success.

We’ll work by your side until you’ve accomplished your goals and leave you with the tools you need for continued productivity and growth.

We aren’t like other consultants.

Natalia Lombana

Digital Marketing

Natalia is a digital marketing consultant with more than 5 years of experience – a lifetime in the ever changing world of digital marketing. She works with businesses to help them adapt to face an evolving business world with increased technology and global opportunities. 

Her multicultural and multilingual background put her in a unique position to help companies looking to expand their reach both locally and globally. She identifies the real target audience to develop and implement cohesive digital marketing strategies that take advantage of ALL digital marketing opportunities – including web development, SEO, SEM, organic strategy, and paid social media.

She works with a wide range of clients, from the hospitality industry to e-commerce and manufacturing, and always welcomes the challenge to work in new industries to bring a different perspective to marketing and communication. Her educational background includes a Bootcamp in Digital Marketing through Rice University, a BS in Business Administration and a minor in Economics from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. 

Serina Gajarawala change management analyst

Serina Gajarawala

Change Management Analyst

Serina works with businesses to ensure a smooth transition to changes within their organizations. The combination of her experience growing up in multiple countries and her background in psychology are present in her ability to help others, build relationships, and understand what adapting to change entails.

Serina holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boston University. She is also working on getting a Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate and has experience working in marketing. She brings this creative thinking and enthusiasm to learn new skills to her work as a change management analyst.

Jeanne Verkinnes a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in change management and training. With a successful track record of leading transformational initiatives in Fortune 500 companies

Jeanne Verkinnes

Leading Change

Jeanne Verkinnes is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in change management and training. With a successful track record of leading transformational initiatives in Fortune 500 companies, Jeanne is recognized for her strategic insight in designing and executing change programs that drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Her specialized expertise in managing large-scale projects, developing training programs, and facilitating team collaboration has been instrumental in guiding teams through complex change processes. From optimizing processes through outsourcing and insourcing to enhancing workforce skills through talent recruitment, Jeanne leverages her knowledge to create sustainable solutions that deliver tangible business results.

Having implemented industry best practices such as DevOps models and fostering cross-functional collaboration, Jeanne brings a global perspective from her experiences working in international markets. Her passion for change management and training shines through in her ability to engage and inspire teams to embrace new opportunities and drive continuous improvement.

Candice B. Fobb

Human Resources Strategist

Candice B. Fobb brings over 20 years of experience creating value for businesses by building and transforming their human resources capabilities to deliver results to the Meraki team. Candice acts as a change agent, transforming teams and individuals by encouraging new ways of thinking, changing behaviors, developing leadership capabilities, and fostering growth in personal and professional areas.​

Along with her experience as a Human Resources Strategist, Candice brings a diverse and highly qualified background to her work with clients.

Candice holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in International Business from Texas Woman’s University, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification by the Human Resources Certification Institute. She also holds Certificates in Human Resources Management, Lean Six Sigma, Predictive Index Talent Optimization, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Candice is currently pursuing a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Melina Trevino

Leadership & Change

Melina Trevino brings a unique perspective to Meraki by finding successful solutions that advance organizational goals and enhance company culture. She recently completed her M.S. in Leadership & Change. Her innovative approach to Change Management is an asset for Meraki and our Clients.​

Aside from her work as a Meraki Consultant, Melina is a business owner herself. Her commitment to staying current with the innovations in Leadership and Change Management are reflected in her work and her plethora of degrees and certificates. She brings this knowledge and a can do attitude to her work and our team.

Sylvia Sanford

Business & Financial Strategy

Sylvia has over 25 years oil & gas experience in a variety of Senior roles (Global Finance Manager, Global Business Advisor, Global Compliance Manager, etc). She has led teams ranging from 4-50 in US, Netherlands, London, Malaysia and India with a heightened focus on development and focus.​

Her work experiences have ranged from Project Management, Finance, Planning / Budget / Forecasting, Economic Evaluations, Cost Management and Global Staff Leadership and Development.

Deidra Smith

Strategic Human Resources

Deidra is a strategic Human Resources executive with more than 25 years of experience in conflict resolutions, executive coaching and mediation achievements. Her background includes a full range of experience gained from working in global leadership roles in talent, organization performance execution, executive coaching and conflict resolution.​

She is widely recognized for her ability to influence outcomes and reach win-win solutions in difficult circumstances. Deidra is results oriented and works with clients to reach their desired objective.

Christy Dillard

Christy enjoys growing and developing talented millennials and female leaders and supporting women leaders and leadership development opportunities. With courage, she facilitates ‘difficult’ conversations and implements ‘hard’ changes. She grew up on a cattle farm in Oklahoma where she was raised with a strong work ethic and independent nature. She has proudly passed that on to her four sons who live across Texas.

Louis Huston

Louis prides himself with working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations seeking to make effective and lasting changes to their corporate culture. He recognizes that everyone learns differently and uses numerous techniques with clients to deliver results that work for them. He has worked globally and lived in the Netherlands for 6 years and enjoys building and maintaining global friendships.

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